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Colt Petroleum approach to sustainability

Overall Approach To Sustainability

We only supply products from international companies who support the development of cleaner energy solutions. This includes promoting the use of natural gas, and improving the energy efficiency of operations. Colt Petroleum also shares the wider benefits of its work in the Kenya by supporting the local communities where it operates, investing in developing skills, sports and by encouraging youth enterprise.

The Environment

We contribute our share in helping to meet the challenge of climate change by ensuring that our handlers and employees understand the importance of protecting the environment. We seek to protect biodiversity at our areas of operations. Colt Petroleum is also an active participator and supporter of different tea planting campaigns in Kenya.


We support local communities near our offices, investing in projects to develop hands on skills, encouraging enterprise and youth sporting events.

Safety & Regulations

Colt Petroleum continuously looks for ways to make what we do safer and work alongside other industry stake holders and government to drive safety improvements for our employees and handlers.